Be grateful for your good health

As I recall, December 10, 2016 was the first time I got symptom of a skin disorder. Till June 10, 2017, there’s still no progress. No matter how much doctor i have visited, how many variant of medicines i have took. The disorder, remain in my skin.

It makes me remember when my previous colleague, who’s a financial officer, asked me why I never submitted any kind of medical bills reimbursement even once. I, overly confident, answered that I never got sick. At least since first day of joining that office (which means I never got sick for the last two years). Well of course I was lying because sometimes I caught influenza, inflammation, or stomachace. But any kind of sickness I got, can be easily handled by Dr. Dono, a gifted-hand doctor in my neighborhood (Cirata). Allah has sent him to heal any kinds of sickness by offering some treatments (whether it’s pill, ointment, or injection) and by paying around IDR 60k (the medicines included), the sickness will be gone. As simple as that. Obviously I wouldn’t submit reimbursement because it’s not expensive. That’s why that colleague of mine never saw me claiming any medical bills.

However I underline the way I spoke about my no-reimbursement record; overly confident/slightly arrogant. I was so proud that I have maintained my health. That I have good medical record. That I didn’t need any medical allowance since I was capable enough to take care of my health condition.

And all of a sudden.. Life attacked me slowly but surely. I got a skin disease, that no Dr. Dono nor other Doctors could cure (at least until now). It seemed like a piece of cake until I felt head over heel, both figuratively and literally, when the disease infected me.

The pain is endurable, and as the time goes on, it gave no pain at all. But the look on my skin is horrible.

By saying horrible, I mean truly scary like you can google easily about Pityriasis Rosea Gilbert.

I am struggling. Physically and emotionally. It embarrassed mo so much and gave me misery.

Six months has passed by, five doctors are involved, several reimbursement of million rupiahs checks have been submitted. But it leads me nowhere.

The disease, remain in body.

Being 6 months on pills

Apparently the first kind of pill that I considered work, contains Steroid whis is definitely not good to be consumed for a long term. Do you know the side effect of Steroid? Beside menstrual cycle problems, steroid made my masculinity (yes masculinity) improved. Even my moustache could be easily spotted T___T. The other impact of the pills is I got moon face, hiks.. I gained weight ((central obesity)) especially in the stomach and arm. How not-sexy is that T_T

Not to mention the impact of the disease itself.. Now I really hope about having a clean skin, with no spot nor rash, just clean as the way it used to be T_T

But apparently, the disease is still developing on me, so that I still have to find the cure.

Be grateful for your good health. And never be overly confident as anything can easily happen beyond your expectation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


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