About Madame Tussaud and the others

Madame Tussauds is a museum that contains wax models of famous people. It’s kind of a must for Indonesian People who visit abroad :D. That made me wanted to go to Madame Tussaud Amsterdam, even deep inside I am not interested that much. But let’s just give it a try, because of following reasons:

  • Firstly, I’ll be given chance to travel independently to Amsterdam from Enschede
  • Secondly, it was considered easy to reach because it’s located very near to the Amsterdam Central Station.
  • Thirdly, it also happened to be placed near the Red Light District, which is, sorry to say, is the most attractive tourism object according to me. Hehe. Yes I’ve googled about RLD a lot since long time ago. I felt curious! And now is the time.

Long story short, husband printed out my dag kaart (train ticket). This dag kaart should be bought before the trip and we preferably buy the promo one otherwise we have to pay more expensive. Example, the non-promo price could costs 24 Eu for one trip only, meanwhile dag kaart costs 15 Eu for a whole day trip wherever you want to go around The Netherlands.

My beloved husband had also prepared the Madame Tussaud entrance ticket for me and Laras. The advantages of buying entrance ticket online are:

  • Avoiding the queue
  • Slightly cheaper than buying offline

In March 24, 2015, husband went to his university while I challenged myself to go independently to Amsterdam. Husband had briefed me about 9292, an personal public transport planner to guide us about which train/tram/bus we shoud take form one place to another. I downloaded the application so that I could find the right schedule for bus and train needed to reach Amsterdam Central Station, Madame Tussaud, and of course RLD.

I and Laras took the bus in front of husband’s apartment. We proceeded to take our first train in Enschede Drienerlo. Then we had to transfers in two other train stations until we reached Amsterdam. At the end of the train trip, I chatted with an Iraqi man who has lived Netherland for several years. FYI when traveling with hijaab, some people will greet me with Salamalaikum and smile. It makes my heart warmer.

view from the train. to botox or not to botox. hoho

Arrived in Amsterdam Centraal, we strolled along the shopping area near by for 30 minutes. We met many Indonesian tourist there 😀 some of them are families, while the other is Indonesian student from England. I and Laras were very happy. People would kindly do us favor (to take picture of us).  Laras posed cutely.

Looking at Amsterdam, the canal, the people, feeling the cold breeze, enjoying the tourism object, wohoo.. this is the place that I’ve been dreaming of since forever. We continued strolling. I bought some accessories for Laras (ice cream earrings and headband). I also bought milkshake for her. She liked it. She enjoyed playing with the pigeons in front of the Museum. I told her “Flaaa.. We are in Amsterdam, honey”.

say cheese… 😀
Laras paying attention to pigeons

P1050069.JPGFinished playing with pigeons, we entered the Madame Tussaud Museum. At the very first statue spot, a Pakistani man approached me telling that he’s tourist himself. I forgot his name though. He was friendly. We managed to take picture of each other, since we’re travelling alone (Laras wasn’t able to take photograph at that time). Thus in every attractive object, I’d took picture for him and he did the same for me and my kid.

Among the famous mannequins inside the museum, the object that impressed me is Oprah, Freddy Mercury, Beckham, Einstein, and Angela Merkel. Beside enjoying the artificial object which looks so real, the Museum also provided us with special information about how the mannequin were made, provided special costume or special spot (some of them need extra cost while the others do not), provided interractive video, and souvenirs shop at the end of the tour.

The trip at the museum was over. I said good bye to my friend. Laras was asleep so I carried her. I went to Red Light District on foot. It was late afternoon and it was rainy. I was carrying Laras, holding umbrella, carrying sling bag, dan I thought I got lost. I got confused of the thin walkways and which canal is the RLD’s canal.

Laras’ boots was dropped dan I kept walking without knowing. A woman run to me handing my daughter’s boots. I thanked her and amazed by her kindness.

I eventually reached Amterdam’s Red Light District. I observed the shops. I red the banners, the displays, noticed the art galleries, and surprisingly found (only) two ladies working. Ok that’s how I get off my curiosity.

By 6 pm, I could feel my legs were aching however I enjoyed the walks. I went inside the train station, checked 9292 application; Amsterdam-Enschede Drienerlo. Ulala… The application told me that there were also multiple transfers I had to do,  most times going up and down stairs. Probably in Zwolle, Almelo, I forgot the details. OK let’s do it.

Arrived in Enschede Station, daughter’s awake. We waited for the bus in the cold weather, in the night (around 8 pm). Husband wasn’t able to pick me up because his bicycle wasn’t enough for the three of us. It’s better for me to take the bus to his apartment, Calslaan.

P1050201.JPGFla was singing all the time we waited. She’s always happy. I myself couldn’t deny my happiness too. I chatted with Fla in Bahasa Indonesia loudly, to break the night silence, to soak in the atmosphere.

The bus came, we took it. I used the card to pay. We got off the bus in Reeland stop. We continued walking for two minutes until arrived in husband’s apartment. He was relieved as his family came back home safely on time. And for me and Laras, we were happy and proud of ourselves.


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