What is it like to be in long distance relationship, 11.000 km away?

Yes.. I may have experienced living separated with my husband. not able to enjoy the joy of eating, drinking, watching movie, nor sleeping together. only able to spend quality time once in a week or in a month, but did I know how does it feel to be not talking face-to-face directly for a long time, let say seven effing months long, twice?

I had no clue.. O_o I tried to take it easy. I know it will be hard, but let’s make it anyway. Learn to compromise.

Those are the tools that help me and family through the LDR time:

1. Line video call

By using handphone and mobile data, we could simulate the face to face communication with Line Video Call. Actually it’s not only talking but also to show the each other’s surrounding, even sometimes we just put the phone on the desk then we continue our daily activities, just to have the feeling of spending day together.


Voipbuster is a free program which allows us to make SUPER CHEAP PHONE CALL all around the world. All we have to do is download the application on our phone,and have mobile data on. Then you can call your friend just like a casual phone call. To make a phone call to Indonesia from The Netherlands, husband only being charged 0,02 Eur per minute, equal to Rp. 300,-, when normal phone call will charge us about Rp. 6000,- per minute. Thus having an international conversation on the phone is as easy as local one.

The problem is, when the two of us live in the different continent, there is something we should realize: The time zone differences. The Netherlands timezone is GMT +1 meanwhile Jakarta timezone is GMT +7. The difference of the time is 6 hours, or 5 hours in the day light saving time. Let’s have a look at the simulation:

  • He wakes up at 3.00 to pray, then continue sleeping until 08.00. Meanwhile it is already 13.00 in Indonesia.
  • He spends the day at the office / university from 09.00 until he comes home around 17.30. Meanwhile in Indonesia it is 22.30 already..
  • I wake up when The Dutch (mostly) are still sleeping. I come home when The Dutch are still busy at the office. I go to bed, sometimes when The Dutch have not left their office.

So we really should find the “finest” moment to have a phone/video call. Either it is when I have my lunch time at the office (and husband is feeling really sleepy) or it is when he comes home (when I must be sleepy). We should compromise. We should be able to manage the time, to balance the work time, kid time, and time for us as a couple.

Alhamdulillah so far we made it so good. I would not say it is smooth, but at least it is good. Twelve months have passed. And this morning my husband emailed me about his extension study time. We have to wait for another two months, until this 11.000 km LDR part is over. Okay honey, let’s make it!!

nota dinas


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