Sumatrastraat in Enschede

I was helping my husband to find new apartment as he will be homeless on this August 15, 2015. So we must find new house real quick. Hopefully we’ll find the one with a landlord since we are interested in having “foreigner family”.

I looked for it in several websites including this one:

It leads me to an advertisement titled “For rent near downtown Enschede €250,- All-in”. Pretty cheap, so why don’t we take a look to find an excuse not to live there (as we usually did, that’s why we haven’t found the perfect housing yet).

The house is located in Wooldriksweg street, which name is difficult as hell to be pronounced.. until I found something interesting…. Aha!! Do you know? Enschede has Sumatrastraat.. and Kalimantanstraat. Woooow.. O_o

I knew there are several street named after something Indonesia-ish in The Hague (Den Haag), for example Munir Street.. But I thought it’s only because The Hague is a big city so they want something memorable. Knowing that Enschede has the streets named after cities or islands of the Indonesian archipelago is pretty impressive for me. enschede map So… let us take a look closer to Enschede map. Here they are..

  1. Sumatrasraat
  2. Kalimantanstraat
  3. Celebesstraat
  4. Soendastraat
  5. Madoerastraat
  6. Delistraat
  7. Borneostraat
  8. Balistraat
  9. Timorstraat
  10. Ambonstraat
  11. Ceramstraat
  12. Palembangstraat
  13. Bandoengstraat
  14. Madioenstraat
  15. Malangstraat
  16. Sabangstraat
  17. Benkoelenstraat
  18. Tegalstraat
  19. Halmaherastraat
  20. Niasstraat
  21. Javastraat
  22. Padangstraat

After living for 12 months long in Enschede, husband still has no clue about this. haha.. gotcha Pap.. If I were him, I will drag myself asap to take selfie there 😀


4 thoughts on “Sumatrastraat in Enschede

    1. haha.. tema tulisan Mok pas banget soalnya sekarang karully lagi belajar Sustainable Energy technology, jadi eji sedikit banyak tertarik melek tentang S.E. seperti solar cell dan biomass. thanks for sharing ya Broo 😀

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