The Fault in Our Stars

This movie hit me right in the feels.

It is another romantic movie which I enjoyed so much.
The girl is very pretty with short hair.. She is Hazel Grace Lancaster, girlfriend of Augustus Waters.
The fault in our stars offered us sadness, since the story is about people with cancer.. Even the canula reminds me to something terrible ever happened back in October 2013.. It makes me chilled.

Hazel has a favorite book written by a Dutchman. And shockingly, they flew from USA to Amsterdam. They took a few great scenes in Amsterdam; The canal, The Oranjee Resto, The natives house, The tram, The language..

Figuratively, it attacks me.
Amsterdam, The Netherlands to be exact, is my dream country to live in. And it is still unfulfilled.
Where I put my faith since 2009, probably till now.
Where I watch my significant other moving there, without me.
Where I set my feet for several days, three months ago. And it is addictive.
Where I wave my hand to my crying husband.
Where I don’t know what time I will be able to be back there.

Can you believe me, it hurts..

However I embrace to feel the pain, which lasted until several days after.
Because as Augustus said; Pain demands to be felt.


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