Balada Cumi

This is a story of Balada Cumi, not Balado Cumi. XD

So.. I buy squid from a grocery store near my office. Out of expectation, 1 kg of it consists of many squids, probably fifteen. I save them in the fridge. At 3 pm, suddenly I have a brilliant idea. At least I thought so.

“Why do I have to spend time preparing these squids at home, while I can do it at my office spare time? By doing that, I could have extra time to play with daughter at home. Yes!.”

At Ramadhan, office hour will be finished at 3.30 pm and at 3 pm everybody is out for praying at mosque. So I sneak in to the kitchen and I start to wash the squids. I remove it’s ink. And it turns out to be very smelly. But I think the smell with stay only at the kitchen. After about 10 minutes, everybody comes back to their own room. Friends in the next room start complaining:

“Kok bau bangkai yah? // Ah masa sih? eh iya bau.”

I become nervous but continue washing it. I increase my speed. Bismillah, bismillah. Let’s get it done quickly.

Only for other minutes, another coworker starts yelling.


The stink is out of control. And everybody seems to be out of their mind. APA NIH YANG BAUUU!. Even they drag the Office Boy, to look for the stink of probably a “dead rat”. Until they come to the kitchen and find me there! EJIIIIIIIII.

I feel guilty, but seriously somehow that’s hilarious. Thank God all of coworkers in this division are men, so they are not as grumpy as women. It’s easier to be handled. Hwahahaha.

I finish my job, I clean the kitchen. Then I run, bring the clean squids, and grab my bag as soon as I could, while constantly put a brightest smile in order to calm them. Everybody relax! It’s just squid!

I manage to go outside before I poison my coworkers. I laugh for the riot I made. So sorry brooooh. Mwahahaha.. I guess I am not a smart woman.


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