That’d be Great

Traveling with his wife and daughter is a lovely experience for my husband. However there is one thing he absolutely have to deal with: the stubbornness of his two women.

There we are in our trip. We will reach Venice from The Netherlands with Ryan Air, the low cost airline. First, We have to travel from Enschede to Eindhoven, since the plane will be leaving from that city. Eindhoven itself is a city with many objects which satisfy our eyes. We take many pictures, we share smiles :). We stay for one night at Eindhoven airport hotel named Tulip Inn. It was a nice hotel with nice bedroom interior.

Next morning we have to wake up early to catch the flight. As usual, husband wake up first and he gently wake his family up. And it’s not that easy to wake us up because last night me&Laras stayed up late; despite knowing Papi Rully forbid us to do so.

Consequently.. I wake up and get myself ready on limited time. Thus, I forget to remove all the keys and coins in my pockets. Beside, I also wear special kinds of metals which make security airport girl spend extra time to have a check on me. This probably made my husband do a facepalm. But he didn’t say anything. He&Laras wait patiently at the corner.

Until the time of me starting to complain about not having time to spend at Duty free, and daughter also begin having tantrum for not able to play at the Kiddyland (a Children Play Area at Eindhoven Airport first floor), meanwhile other passengers have already queued for entering the plane, husband couldn’t take it anymore so he said it slowly.. probably with a slight frustration..



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