It started three weeks ago when husband acquainted me with a famous singer and song writer. She is Tracy Chapman. From Wikipedia, it is stated that Chapman’s mother gave her an ukulele when Chapman was 3 years old.

It inspires Kk Rully. As we know, our daughter’s 3rd birthday will be coming soon. And she surely inherited the taste of music and dancing from her father. We’ve also observed her enthusiasms about guitar, recorder, and xylophone so far. Thus, Kk Rully told me to buy a small guitar as Laras’ birthday present. How small? The size of ukulele it is. But it has 6 strings just like normal guitar. Yeah… We’ll get her a GUITALELE!

We hope it will initiate her to be able to play many kinds of instrument in her life. Hwaaa.. both of us got excited. X) So, here I am having business trip to Surabaya with much time to spend to buy that present. Being not familiar with the city, I use the power of internet and taxi. Voila! I find the perfect place:

Really sorry for blurry pic
husband will get heavy breathing. even I got heavy breathing.
blurry pic again.. my bad.
here she is… the beautiful little baby.. for my beautiful little daughter.

2 thoughts on “Guitalele

  1. iya Upaaaap.. sejauh ini antusias.. tapi ada yang lucu nih:
    mami kan berisik2 belajar main gitar pas laras lagi nonton frozen. eh laras langsung bilang: “SSSssssssttttt….” hehehe

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