alhamdulillah ‘ala kulli haal. this following writing is quick review of my 2014:
– new year eve in simpang lima semarang with laras&krully
– memorable trip: visiting bangko, muaro bungo, lahat, and lubuk linggau substation
– celebrating my daughter’s 2nd bday in negeri mentari day care, with hello kitty fondant cake
– getting hospitalized in rs elisabeth semarang
– husband going abroad for one year, leaving me struggling as temporary single parent haha, however I support him
– brother’s UI graduation – family gathering
– farewell surprise from JMK friends. I love watching the video of that moment. thank guys..
– move to other enterprise, BPWC, located in Cirata, with all new surrounding & friends which makes me feel even younger haha
– parents visiting my so called home
– travelled over 10 thousands km far in whole year with vano
– have been addicted to 9gag for 3 years

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