in the middle of the night my roommate sleep peacefully, while i am busy packing. suddenly i am shocked and roommate’s awake since there are people fighting across my hotel room. all the loud shout sounds like men fighting. they shout and seems angry. what i can hear is “f**k off” and “i said you shut up” etc. i was panic. they even make noise with the wall and the door. I guess they break something to the floor. after a few moment i cant stand on it anymore. i called the receptionist. he came and asked them to get out of their room, to make clear of everything. tralala.. what’s happening inside surprised me. it turns out to be 4 young european boys, probably teenagers, and they said they’re just fine and having fun. fiuhhh.. one of them shake my hands saying sorry etc even flirting. maybe he’s under alcohol influence. sigh. but thank God its not fighting……. we are clear now. I hope they could be quiet or they could find somewhere to be able to talk loud. fiuhhh.. what a neighborhood.. 😰

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