Opening whatsapp and email to this:

Most beautiful bday greeting from Kutla Fithratul Mila

lots of years we have passed

you have been here besides my side

love, laugh, tears we have shared

in your company i can put all my worries to rest

to stay away from you i cannot bear

i hope ours is a pair that could split never

as our minds and hearts always merge all time..


in my life, happy day surge

as you grow a year old I hope you become better and bold

may joy and happiness in your life always flow


to my besties, my partner in crime, my soulmate..

with this poem, lots of love and hugs I send..

wish Allah SWT protect you in every single detail of your life..

wish the very best for you, always..


loving you..

I was, I am and I will be..



that was very very sweet 🙂



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